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Whether you want to keep your home or move on, AHC will support you in working with your lender and the Lake County Courts to help bring about a quick resolution to your circumstances.  There is no charge for our services.  Our 4-pronged approach includes the below.  Homeowners have the option to simply take a class, or to receive additional support through counseling and/or mediation. 

Education: Classes help homeowners understand the foreclosure process, loan workout and home disposition options, how to talk to your lender, links to community resources, and how to prepare for counseling and/or mediation.

Counseling: Personalized support to review your circumstances, determine realistic options, and prepare the documentation your lender requires to facilitate a workout.

Mediation: Facilitated by a neutral court-appointed mediator, mediation brings lenders and homeowners together in the same room for the purpose of negotiating a resolution acceptable to all parties.

Legal Stay: For those that adhere to the required timeframes, all legal proceedings will be on hold while you participate in education, counseling and mediation.  This means you will not be required to attend to the legal aspects of the foreclosure while this process is underway, and will be afforded more time and flexibility to create the resolution you wish.

For those proceeding to mediation, it is imperative that you adhere to the program timeframes.  Click here for more information.

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